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Graduate Program Advising

A biologist working with lab samples in Michael Blouin's snail research lab.

Advising for current students

Many resources are available to support you on your graduate studies journey. Besides your major professor and your graduate committee, the IB Graduate Studies Co-Chairs are another resource for you. First-year students can also seek advice from their peer mentor. If you have any type of questions, you’re welcome to stop by the IB office any time M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and ask the office staff for help. You may also email your questions to the IB Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate student resources

Looking for forms? Need to schedule your Program of Study, Orals or Defense meeting? Need help with writing? Looking for club involvement or leadership opportunities? Visit the Graduate School website! Their site has a curated list of campus resources available to help you with everything from mental health to laptop loans to recreational sports and much more.


Explore more than 30 graduate courses in Integrative Biology that range from the science-policy interface to modern phylogenetic analysis. Students may also take relevant courses offered by other departments.

Find integrative biology graduate courses for you 

Degree completion steps

The IB Handbook is your roadmap to navigate requirements toward degree completion. It details registration policies, forming your committee, timelines for your meetings, financial support, travel policies and more. It also includes IB forms for your proposal meeting, annual review and ZoRF application. Additionally, the Handbook lists many campus resources available to you.

When scheduling your committee meetings, please email the IB Graduate Coordinator. They will track your progress toward milestone completions and provide helpful reminders of IB requirements and forms. We encourage you to submit your scheduling request to the Graduate School well in advance of their two-week timeline.