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Colorful preserved beetles from Oregon State Arthropod Collection

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The Department of Integrative Biology promotes discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem). Our integrative focus reflects the importance of strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in research and teaching. We strive for excellence and synergy in our coordinated programs of teaching, research, and service. Recognizing the essential roles of science and biology in the lives of citizens today and tomorrow, we emphasize biological literacy in our teaching and outreach programs. Your gift is instrumental in achieving our vision.

In addition to gifts of cash, donors can design a personal giving plan that combines the right asset with the right mechanism to meet their giving needs. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, gift annuities, and other gift mechanisms and can be funded with many different types of assets, including securities, real estate, CDs and retirement assets. Contact our Gift Planning Office to learn more.

How to give

Donate online or download a mail-in donation form. You can also donate via the OSU Foundation's toll-free phone number, 800-354-7281 (M-F, 8 am-5 pm Pacific Time). Please specify which program within the Department of Integrative Biology that you wish to support. Our programs are listed below.

Donations may be tax-deductible. Please contact your financial advisor to learn more.

Thank you for supporting our unique programs. Please scroll down to learn more and customize your donation.

Undergraduate scholarship funds

  • Alexei Lubchenco Menge Fellowship
  • Alex Riazance Scholarship
  • Bill & Martha Lovejoy Zoology Scholarship
  • John & Diane Howieson Scholarship Fund
  • John & Gretchen Morris Scholarship in Cell Biology
  • Zoology Undergraduate Fund

Graduate scholarship funds

  • Paul and Mary Ann Roberts Fellowship
  • Zoology Graduate Student Research Fund
  • Hugo Krueger Zoology Fund

Marine Biology Excellence Fund

This is a general use fund for the department that is primarily used to fund opportunities specifically related to marine biology for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Integrative Biology Excellence Fund

The IB Excellence Fund is used for a wide variety of purposes within the department. These purposes include (but are not limited to) educational seminars, departmental outreach and providing matching funds for undergraduate student opportunities.

Robert M. Storm Distinguished Lecture Series

Launched in 2016 through a generous donation by Bill Lovejoy (OSU Alumnus and former student of Dr. Storm), the Robert M. Storm Distinguished Lecture Series honors the late Dr. Robert M. Storm, Emeritus Professor of Zoology at OSU. Known as "Doc" to most everyone, Storm (1918-2017) spent over six decades conducting research and teaching in our department (then called Zoology) and much of what is known today about Pacific Northwest amphibians and reptiles has some direct or indirect connection back to Storm. We are extremely proud to have been a part of his impressive legacy and this lecture series is used as a venue to showcase the type of integrative and transformative research that was emblematic of Doc Storm himself.

Friends of Oregon State Arthropod Collections

This fund provides support for activities associated with the Oregon State Arthropod Collection. Some of the specific funding needs it supports are:

  • Supplies and equipment associated with the curation of the collection and library
  • New books/literature for the library
  • Costs associate with travel and field work aimed at improving the collection and/or its holdings
  • Professional meetings/workshops related to curation
  • Seminars and publication costs associated with museum newsletters and/or research papers involving significant numbers of OSAC specimens