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Graduate Program FAQ

Graduate Program FAQ

The major goal of the graduate program is to prepare scientists for careers in research and teaching. Therefore, we admit only those who demonstrate a potential for innovative research. Applicants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Competitive evaluation of application materials
  • Number of openings in the student's area of research interest
  • Number of teaching assistantships or research assistantships available

We usually accept about 10% of our applicant pool, so it is a very competitive program. In addition to having a strong application, finding a suitable major professor is essential.

No, GRE scores are optional.

Faculty members may start contacting their top applicants as early as January, or as late as March. All applicants should be notified of acceptance or rejection by April 15.

We do not have a specified list of prerequisites as this allows more flexibility in accepting students of varying backgrounds. Faculty members expect applicants to have a strong science and math background. The majority of our applicants have an undergraduate degree in life science, but that's not a requirement.

There is no list of "required" courses to take. Each graduate student will develop an individualized program of study in conjunction with their major professor and graduate committee. There are requirements in terms of number of credits, number of stand-alone credits, etc.